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What You Should Know about Referrals: Part Two

What You Should Know about Referrals: Part Two

In the last Seller newsletter, we shared how you can use the Zazzle Star to earn referrals. This week, you'll learn how to use rf codes to link to anything.

6. How do I refer people to a specific product?

The easiest way to link to a specific product in any store is to sign into your account and use the Link to This tool to automatically generate HTML with your unique rf code. For your convenience, this tool can be found on every product page just above the product description. If you would rather write your own links, simply add your rf code to the end of any product URL.

The final URL will look something like this:

Note that when making your own links, the number after rf= should be replaced with your 18-digit Associate ID.

Two more easy-to-use promotional tools are the Flash Panel and the Blog Panel. While the blog panel shows only products from your store, the flash panel allows you to display any Zazzle products by keyword, Seller, or product type (as shown in these examples). Note that if you're logged in while creating a flash panel, your rf code will automatically be added.

7. How do I refer people to someone else's store, product types, or categories?

The only way to link to someone else's store or product page is to add your rf code to the end of the URL as follows:

- Link to any store

- Link to a specific product type in any store

- Link to a specific category in any store

- Link to a specific product type in a specific category in any store

Again, remember that category numbers will vary by store, so it will be much easier to copy/paste your desired URLs instead of writing them manually. If you want to link to pages in your own store, you may use the formats above, or use the Zazzle Star as described in last week's newsletter.

8. What are parameters?

Parameters are different ways to control what happens when the customer clicks on your referral link. Referral IDs, categories, store skin, and the zBar are all controlled by parameters in your URLs. In the list below, you will find common parameters and their functions:

- Add your Associate ID

- Control the category/product line displayed

- Display the custom store skin (if any)

- Display the zBar (only works if you link to the store front or to a specific category)

Note that the store skin and zBar are displayed automatically if you link to your own store/product line regardless of the referral method.

9. Does it matter if I use "?" or "&" with my rf code?

When adding parameters to your URL, the question mark should always be used before the ampersand. The "?" is always used to introduce the first parameter ("cg=", "rf=", "gl=", "zbar=") into your URL, while the "&" is used to include additional parameters. As you can see in the examples below, the order of your parameters is not important:

- http://www.zazzle.com/anystore?rf=123456789987654321&gl=anystore&zbar=true
- http://www.zazzle.com/anystore/gifts?cg=191919191919191919&rf=123456789987654321&zbar=true
- http://www.zazzle.com/anystore/tshirts?rf=123456789987654321&gl=anystore

10. How do I know that my links are working?

The best way to know if your links are working is to test them. Sign up for a free analytics tool like Google Analytics or StatCounter, and enable site tracking on your store information page. Once the service starts tracking visits to your store, any referral links that you post and click will appear in your analytics reports. If the Zazzle Star is stripped from a URL in your analytics report, then there is most likely a problem on the site where the link was originally posted. To guarantee that your referrals are tracked appropriately, we recommend using your rf code where the Zazzle Star does not function properly. Keep in mind that some shoppers' browsers are set not to accept cookies, so some of your links may not be counted regardless of what you do.

It is also important to remember that you cannot earn referrals from links posted on the Zazzle site (in the forum, in comments, in your store, in your product descriptions, etc.). Only links from external sites will be counted towards your referral credit, so be sure to share your links widely. To learn more about how to promote your products, check out the marketing tips checklist that we wrote for the holiday season.

Now that you've learned how to link to anything on Zazzle, try out your skills by promoting designs related to Valentine's Day or to the upcoming pro football championship. Who Dat t-shirts were a cash cow last year, so no matter which team wins, Zazzle Sellers and Associates will enjoy the taste of victory yet again!

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